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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 24, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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auto giant volkswagen is in a whole lot of trouble right now, admitting that they rigged their cars to cheat on emissions tests. >> the fallout is too much for their ceo to handle. he's out as millions of car owns are around the world trying to figure out what to do. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: the emissions scandal called grave crisis by the resigning ceo saying he is stunned by misconduct on such a scale. so are the owners of the 11 million cars. >> complete deception. >> reporter: ari levin bought into the volkswagen pitch for a diesel car. >> that used to be dirty. this is 2015. >> no, no. >> reporter: with performance and clean emissions which vw it outed in commercials. but vw inserted software to shut off the emission controls except during an emission cejka louing cars to pollute up to 40% more than allowed making some owners
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feel guilty and angry. levin is part of one of many class action lawsuits. >> i tried to avoid driving it now as much as i can. i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do with it. i'm not sure who buy it. >> the best advice is to sit tight and wait to hear from volkswagen. >> reporter: openers haven't heard and apparently neither have dealers we visited. the value of the volkswagens involved has gone down in the week since the cheat was revealed. david kerley, abc news, washington. what i find the most troubling some financial experts are saying this crisis could cause more harm to germany's economy than the greek debt crisis. >> oh, very well. because you know, volkswagen's sfok is down nearly 40% and other german automakers stocks are down, as well. we'll see how it plays out. coming up, do you have a dog or thinking of getting one? meet murphy and his favorite dog
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training expert. >> murphy, we love you. we have some tips to make it easier to have a canine best friend in your life. stay with us. >> those are some ears. "world tt2watv# #4 bt@qmké
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♪ so maybe you're a dog owner or maybe you're thinking about getting one or perhaps your kids are begging you for one. whatever the case may be, there's plenty of things to consider when you're having a dog with your family. here to help us sort it out is henry arden and her friend murphy. hello. >> thanks for having us. >> it's so great to have you here. what's the first thing you've got to know about house training? >> probably the thing people need to consider the most is management. your number one job is make sure you manage your puppy to prevent them from making mistakes.
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every time you allow them to run loose, the odds are they'll make a mistake and that will become a stronger habit. there are some shortcuts people can take to make raising a puppy in your home and dealing with the accidents easier. >> speaking of accidents, what tips do you have for dealing with accidents? >> one of the most important things people can do, you want to come down here? they can choose things that are short cuts. one of the shortcuts i love the most is stain master carpet and cushion which is great because it resists stains. >> okaying >> it relations pet hair. and it reduces odor which means that the time you spend cleaning up is reduced and have you more time to do the fun stuff like training them and playing and all that good stuff. >> stain master carpet. >> and cushion. >> that's great to know. is there something you should keep in mind to get the most out of your playtime with the dog, as well? >> people need to realize there's two types of playtime for dogs. the playtime we're interacting with them where you use a
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squeaky toy and play tug or have them play fetch. a lot of the time people forget that the dog probably has more energy and the need for release of more energy than they have the time to provide for. so one of the things you can do is make sure that you give your dog what we call environmental enrichment. we're going to take a little bit of food and we're going to put it in a toy like this and close it up. if i put this down on the ground, odds are he'll try and push this around to get the food out. he's going to play with this toy as a way of enrichment by hunting for his food from it. >> i see. so that toy really makes him go after it. >> yes. he's essentially hunting for his food. remember that even a young puppy has a pretty high energy level. they also have a need to use their smarts. so this is a way for a dog to be able to play the training game by themselves if we can't an interact with them at that time. >> what's the best tip for dealing with bad behavior? it's so hard when they're this
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cute. >> i know. i think what people need to realize is when we talk about bad behavior, it's typically normal dog behavior. it's just in an environment where it's not considered acceptable. so for example, a dog barking, there's not anything wong with the dog barking. when they do it in your yard or apartment or bother the neighbors or you, that's when it's troublesome. getting back to environmental enrichment plays a big part in preventing problems. even a puppy as young as murphy, i can teach him to sit, to lay down, to do something called hand targeting where he touches his nose to the palm of my hand as the foundation for coming when called. these are all things that are really, really easy to do. and they're all about the dog having fun because they're earning things they want whether it be food or praise or anything else they like. >> you and i were talking, i've got a 4 and 3-year-old. when is the best age to have a dog. you want them to take on some of
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the responsibility. you should never expect kids to do it all. >> i worry when people say i'm getting a dog for my children because really what we need to remember is that when you get a dog and you have children in the home, you're going to always be the one as the parent who is responsible for the dog. children can certainly help. i strongly encourage that. but i think the right time is typically when you feel confident that your child can show adequate impulse control around animals. >> that's interesting. >> that means if you say to them, i don't want you to grab the dog's tail, are he doesn't have much of a tail. i don't want you to grab their fur, they can listen to you and follow through. it's for their safety and also the safety of the animal. >> such wonderful tips. andrea, thank you so much. can we say good-bye in. >> give him a little treat. >> we're going to say good-bye. say for more tips and general information, ung going to andrea tell them you're watching "world news now." oh, thank you, thank you.
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dare to feel more with new k-y love. >> there you see him greeting the masses in washington, d.c. in the popemobile. making surprise detours, even holding little children that were brought to him by security. here seven times during his 27 years in the vatican, pope francis now arriving and here on u.s. soil. >> yeah, he becomes the fourth pope to make a visit to the united states and his first visit here. and, of course, of course, they're a big deal whenever we have a pope here. we covered pope john paul ii when he made his first trip back in 1979. take a look. >> the pope flew to new york this morning from boston. his jet called shepherd herd 1 landed the laguardia precisely
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on time. here's a report from in bill blakemore. >> the pope was met in the new york by u.n. secretary-general be kurt wald heim who made one of the invitations which brought the pope to america. most of his day would be devoted to the ideals and hopes of the united nations. on the way into the headquarters after the crowds the pope has seen his first year, now the americans. into new york, america's melting pot city, ethnic neighborhoods from all corners of the earth. at the u.n., he met vlad heim's staff and walked through the headquarters garden before his speech to the general assembly. >> after the speech, he left the u.n. headquarters for a brief lunch at the residence of the vatican's u.n. observer on the upperet eastside. police estimate some 5 million people will see him in person, a security headache around the pontiff. this afternoon the fbi acting on apparent threat to kill the pope seized guns and ammunition in a
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new jersey house and broadcast sub descriptions of suspects. back in the general assembly this afternoon, he met the staff of the u.n., the importance of who is work for peace he praised. they welcomed him as one of their own. then from the u.n., the pope went 0 new york's history st. patrick's cathedral where in the midst of his jubilant day here, he knelt in prayer. ♪ ♪ see that man all dressed in white ♪ ♪ god's going to >> this evening he resumed his grueling schedule with a motorcade through harlem. bill blakemore, abc news with the pope in new york. >> just to remind you what a rock star he was. just like francis. >> uh-huh. >> but did he have a booblhead, as well? >> i bet he did. >> i'm sure he did. >> s hi
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this morning on "world news now," making history. >> the people's pope and his is busy first full day in the united states from the commander in chief to the children at his feet. pope francis inspiring the faithful in the nation's capital. we're live in d.c. with a look at another historic day ahead. new details surrounding those two high school football players lined siding a referee. their coach now admitting that he said to pur the attack and how the buys will be punished. >> tracking your kids. the latest way parents can can keep an eye on their children without violating their trust. new apps for where with families can stay safe together even when they're not. and imagine you're sitting at a light when you see this, a plane making an emergency planneding right down main street bringing new meaning to
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flying through the intersection. it's thursday, september 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. great to have you back, kendis. watching all the coverage, it's not often you can quote from the good book at the start of the show. it reminded me of that verse give me your tired, your pure, your huddled masses. i realized that's not the new testament. that's the statue of liberty. why did i think of that at that moment? >> it's not revelations. >> i was ghouling it and realized i was thinking of come to me all who are weary and il give you rest which is actually the new testament. >> you were quoting the statue of liberty. >> i'm all of those today, the tired, weary and poor. i was at the white house. it's rare you get to see a pope and a president in the same environment. i got an invite from the president's office. it was great to be there. fascinating hear it the pope
3:02 am
speak english which is a rare thing he does. he will be speaking english again today in front of congress. of course, that's where we'll get started today on this thursday. the pope is on the move and will make history along the way. >> his first full day in the nation's capital was full of incredible images. a small girl was lifted over a barrier. security tried to move her away. when the pope signaled for her, a guard picked up 5-year-old sophie cruz and brought her to the popemobile. >> the daughter of two undocumented immigrants. the pope offered his blessings. sophie gave him a t-shirt and a letter about the need for immigration reform right here in the u.s. >> and as for this morning, francis makes a historic first ever speech by a pope to a joint meeting of congress. later, he'll visit catholic charities of washington and meet with about 200 homeless people. and then it's off to new york. francis will participate in the an evening prayer ceremony at st. patrick's cathedral.
3:03 am
>> obviously another busy day ahead for pope francis. that's precisely how yesterday could be described, as well. >> with more details we're joined by abc's karen republican traverse from the basilica where francis participated in a mass. good morning, karen. >> good morning, reena and kendis. it's quiet here now at the basilica at catholic university. yesterday this place was jumped and jam packed. 25,000 people came here to hear pope francis celebrate mass. no surprise, it was for the most part a somber affair except at the end when pope francis turned to walk away from the altar, the crowd started shouting viva el papa which, of course means long live the pope. everywhere pope francis went, large adoring crowds greeted minimum. the day began at the white house. 11,000 people packing the south lawn. it was pomp and circumstance but
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the president and the pope not shying away from a little policy talk. >> holy father, you remind us that we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet. god's magnificent gift to us. climate change is a problem. we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> reporter: and the history made. 25,000 people waiting outside in a blazing hot sun for pope francis' arrival. the mass included the canonization of june pair row sarah, is the catholic priest who established california's missions and the first catholic saint ever named on american soil. to some it's controversial because of his role in the colonization and forced conversion of native americans. during his homily, pope francis used him as an example of how to live a meaningful life.
3:05 am
>> translator: father serra had a motto which inspired his life and work. he's saying he lived his life by see em pri alante. keep moving forward. >> today, pope francis will address congress, another historic first. and yesterday, house speaker john boehner said that pope francis transcends politics. he urged lawmakers to open their hearts to the example that pope francis is setting and learn from it reena and kendis, we'll see if that happens. >> karen, we know one thing we love about this pope, he does his own thing. he made an unscheduled stop last night? >> reporter: yes, the vatican confirming pope francis stopped to meet with representatives from the little sisters of the poor, which, of course have been in the headlines recently because they've taken on the obama administration for that contraception pan date part of the affordable care act.
3:06 am
locked in a very fierce legal bat with the administration. right now they have a short-term stay on that but they've come to represent the religious fight against that part of the affordable care act. the vatican spokesperson saying that pope francis wanted to go and show his support, but wasn't going to weigh in specifically about contraception or abortion but just letting that visit stand for itself. >> and you mentioned, karen, that speaker boehner said he transcends politics. yesterday's speech sounded quite political. what can we expect from his big speech today on capitol hill? >> yeah, he transcends politics but certainly doesn't avoid politics. yesterday when he made thosera, at the white house, brief statement, a handful of pages and he really got right into it. applauding president obama on climate change and talking in in general about that will progressive agenda that we've heard from pope francis before. that's what we're expecting again today. we think he'll talk about immigration reform, income
3:07 am
inequality, all tough issues that this country is dealing with right now. especially on the presidential election season. but the pope is going to get into that with lawmakers and it doesn't sound like he's going to shy away from any of those controversial positions. >> we're hoping he'll spray holy water on capitol hill and bring them together. >> i don't know if it could help. >> that's true. karen travers live in washington. thank you so much. and more from the papal visit later in this half hour. and throughout the morning here on abc news. well, the pope's stop is cuba is said to have helped peace talks to end the longest-running armed conflict in latin america. the president of columbia and leftist guerrilla commanders are announcing an important break through there. the two sides have agreed to set up justice courts to try those who committed crimes over the past 50 years of conflict. more than 200,000 colombians died as a result of that conflict. more help for the thousands
3:08 am
of refugees seeking asylum. leaders have agreed to give $1 billion to the u.n. and the world food program. those agencies have been providing food and shelter for refugees in camps. the leaders also called for talks to end the conflict in syria where most of the refugees have come from. breaking overnight, a quiet neighborhood in columbia, maryland, rocked by a massive explosion. one townhouse completely collapsed. and the fire spread to three other homes, leaving hem totally destroyed or badly damaged. the blast briefly trapped several residents and sent glass and debris flying 50 feet across the parking lot. two were injured including an inspecter looking into a complaint about a natural gas odor. we are learning more about the fear motorist were feeling as a sniper took shots at them along the highway in phoenix. police are investigating at least 11 different incidents and now released the dramatic 911 calls from the victims.
3:09 am
here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, these new 911 calls revealing the terrifying moments drivers in phoenix realized they had been hit. >> okay. are you injured? >> i don't feel anything, because i just got so scared, because i heard a big bang and the window shattered. >> reporter: some even giving eerie descriptions of a roadside gunman. >> i saw a hand go up to the top. it looked like it was screwing two things together, and i was like, "is that a rifle?" >> he had over 15 magazines fully loaded all around his body. he had a .9 millimeter on his hip. >> reporter: police say 21-year-old leslie allen merritt jr. used a .9 millimeter firearm in four of the 11 incidents. tonight, he's charged with 16 felonies, though insists he's innocent. >> my gun has been in the pawn shop for the last two months. >> reporter: but the pawn shop owner saying he was in the shop more recently, though pawned the gun before the fourth shooting authorities had linked to merritt. authors are saying they're aware of a discrepancy in the time line but feel they have a strong
3:10 am
case against merritt junior. >> everyone everybody president obama to major leergz have been tweeting in remembrance after yoeg by berra, the legend was honored last night before the yanks took on the blue jays in toronto. the yanks will wear his number 8 on their uniforms for the rest of the season to honor him. there was a special tribute overnight in light last night. the entire state building in yankee pin stripes. he was 90 years old. as pope francis greets the faithful, we are used to seeing him with babies. he's not the only one. >> an image of a college professor with a toddler in his arms went viable. the little boy was brought to class by his mother when she couldn't find daycare. she was worried what the professors would say. he picked up the child and kept on lecturing. the mom was so moved, she broke down crying. >> aw, that's very cute. >> very touching. we've been there before where
3:11 am
you've will to bring your child in places where you hope people will be kind to you. i would have broken down too. >> i'll be more compassionate the next time on an airplane. >> or the next time i bring my son because he didn't have child care overnight. >> coming up later in the mix, very good news for finl jitters. >> first a scene that might make drivers do more than fidget. a plane coming in for a landing on a busy street. nobody was hurt but they did run a red light. new details on the high school football players who attacked a ref during a game. how exactly their coach to do it and the punishment they now face. also, you can check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." laundry can wreak havoc onr clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry.
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a live shot you see there from the u.s. capitol in washington where pope francis will be this morning. he'll be delivering a first ever papal speech before a joint meeting of congress. >> estimates are about 25,000 people attended the pope's mass yesterday outside a basilica in washington, d.c. earlier francis attended a prayer service with american bishops. the archbishop of washington told the crowd that francis would have liked to greet everyone personally but he didn't have enough time. the pope pointing to his watch there into even if you don't have time to deal with heavy traffic generated by the pope's visit, getting around during
3:16 am
rush hour is always difficult but how about if a plane lands on a busy street? trouble. that's what forced an emergency landing in southern california. it caught motorists dashcam. amazingly, it landed safely and didn't hit anyone or anything. >> thankfully it wasn't on the 405 freeway. volkswagen dealers and owners are furious over the mess left by the smog test cheating scandal. the company's ceo resigning taking full responsibility. more heads are likely to roll. angry customers are stuck with cars they don't want anymore and dealers are stuck with inventory they can't sell. vw's board is set to meet tomorrow to consider their next step. >> knew to the two texas football players seen tackling a ref during the game. >> the players assigned to 75 days of aurlt alternative school as punishment. they can't take art in any extracurricular activities. a coach admitsed he urged the boys to attack the official.
3:17 am
here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the two texas high school players who launched this brutal takedown of a referee found out in january, they'll be allowed to return to their school. >> i'm ready to accept any punishment coming towards me. >> reporter: victor rojas and michael moreno claimed they tackled that referee on orders from assistant coach mack breed, and now their own principal says that's exactly what happened. in a statement first obtained by espn, principal robert harris writes, "coach breed told me that he directed the students to make the referee pay for his racial comments and calls." now, those players tell us, they feel betrayed by a school district they say waited nearly three weeks to back them up. >> it was really shocking to know that this whole time they've known the truth. >> reporter: coach breed has not responded to numerous attempts to get his side of the story. as for that referee, robert watts, his attorney has denied he ever used racial slurs. >> they are flat-out lies. and the people who know him know that. >> reporter: for their part, rojas and moreno say they accept
3:18 am
full responsibility. >> it was a mistake that i made. and -- i'm sorry. i regret it. >> i just want to apologize to mr. watts. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. quite a scandal there in texas. coming up in our next half hour, trump versus fox news. donald trump says he's boycotting the cable cham at least for now because they have been unfair to him. but that's not the way fox sees it. but first, apps that help you make sure your children get hope safely no matter where they are. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
we all love downloading the hottest new apps. here are a few parents might want to download. >> they help you stay in touch with your children when travel ong their own. abc's becky worley profiles one
3:20 am
of them. >> reporter: late night, your college pressure man walking across campus. it seems like yesterday you were holding her hand to walk her across the street. so what if she could reach out to a parent one thousands of miles away to safely get her from the barbara to the dorm. >> i feel super comfortable using it and knowing that somebody is watching me as i'm walking home. >> using a brand-new app called companion, vickie novak, a freshman at the university of colorado can ask her mom in california to virtually monitor her. >> victoria has requested that you be her companion, keep an eye on her as she's on the move. >> they've got your back. >> reporter: it uses gps to show mimi where she is. if something goes wrong, an alert shows up. >> this phone will be notified when he my headphones are pulled out, if i fall, if i start running, anything out of the ordinary. >> reporter: then mom can call
3:21 am
to see if she's okay or worst case cas call 911 and provide her daughter's exact location. it's one of a slew of new personal safety apps like circle of 6 and life line response. while a teen could call a parent and talk with them on the phone. >> turns out a lot of teenagers don't want to talk. they prefer texting and doing their thing. >> reporter: what do you say to people who think this is an extension of helicopter parenting? >> it's not because your child calls you. it's not me sitting there stalking her. >> reporter: when the notification comes in that vick kay has arrived at her dorm, how does that make mom feel? >> the knowledge she's reaching out to me and that she wants to show me where she is priceless. >> reporter: becky worley, abc news, new york. >> what a great app. i think it's fantastic because it gives you peace of mind. i always thought you get through the phase of kids being toddlers but older moms told me when they start driving you're still up all night. i want to make sure they're at
3:22 am
the library and not at a party. >> they'll find their ways. more coming up. we've been changing things up with k-y love.
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and now it's time for "the mix." i'm looking over at the news room over there, and i can actually see jack doing it, he's fidgiting. he's fidgiting. he doesn't even realize. sorry to call you out, bud. apparently there's a new study by the american journal of preventive medicine that says they found that finger jetting actually helps offset negative health affects. >> is that cold sweats. >> i don't know. but researchers in britain conducted a study for 12 years and used more than 12,000 participants. they weren't jack because they were all women and they found out that women who sat still had a higher mortality rate than the ones who fidgeted and moved around a lot. they do say, jack, what are you doing here? >> that's not fidgeting. >> buns of steel.
3:26 am
>> by the way, jack makes a good point. fidgeting is not a replacementoff physical training or exercise which looks like that's what he is doing right now. >> interesting. or carpal tunnel syndrome. so, the greatest way traps to honor the pope is to have his likeness in food. we have this fantastic idea for the segment. we were going to get a pretzel from this philly pretzel factory in lang horn, pennsylvania. it's a beautiful pretzel. >> a beautiful pretzel. >> that's a beautiful pretzel. it came to the newsroom on the fifth floor. it was going to be here to honor papa. and do you know what they did upstairs? >> don't tell me. >> they ate the pretzel. they ate the pretzel. >> they ate the pretzel. they ate the pope pretzel. >> all we have left is salt. they ate the pretzel. we don't have that to show right now. >> they do love our news desk. our overnight news desk, nothing gets past them. the best in the business.
3:27 am
i think some of them might have been fasting for yom kippur. the pope might have to give us a little. >> so they're hungry and thirsty right now. but there's also a pizza that here in new york city that -- >> oh. >> the likeness of the pope. the pope says he plans to try new york pizza while here. >> that's dangerous. he comes from rome. >> he knows good pizza. >> but new york pizza is also very good. a high school kicker, you got to see this one, kicks a ball off the ref's head i'm told. oh, snap. >> did you see that? did you see that? >> yes. >> trying for a line drive off the referee's head. makes the field goal. and it was not intentional, by the way. it was apparently an accident. it took places in texas, midland lee high school. >> and he makes it in. >> makes it in. >> that is awesome. he would never qualify for the jets because he actually scored. >> come on. >> he's successful. >> give the jets a break.
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this morning on "world news now," the main event. after a day full of emotional surprises, pope francis takes his message to capitol hill. will his speech to congress have enough tough words for both sides of the aisle? a live report from washington just ahead. breaking overnight, a house in maryland explodes, sending debris everywhere. the fire spreading to other homes. the neighborhood looking like a bomb went off with residents in the chaos. and new this half hour, donald trump on the offensive. >> his anger boiling over into a boycott of fox news and how he's blaming hillary clinton for his latest problems on the campaign trail. and a question, what is the world's most iconic song? one scientist says he's got evidence to back it up. here we are now, entertain us in "the skinny" on this thursday, september 24th. ♪ entertain us
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you know, i just want to say, i always thought it was called "smells like teen spirit," like the deodorant teen spirit but it's actually team spirit, right? >> no, it's teen spirit. >> it is teen. >> it is teen spirit. >> he wasn't referring to the deodorant. >> no, just b.o. it was a throwback to like my head banger days when i had hair. it was nice. i love that clip a long time ago. >> how do we transition from nirvana to the pope? >> it's an interesting transition. we begin with the pope though. >> there you go. another busy day. it's a pretty remarkable first day though. very touching. the images were incredible. he is always so spontaneous. this morning pope francis will become the first pope to ever address a joint meeting of congress. after his speech, the pope will have a chance to meet with
3:32 am
hundreds of homeless people. >> a live look at capitol hill. francis is coming here to new york as we take a live look, as well at the big apple where preparations are fully under way for the gridlock that will come and the excitement that will come with the pope. he'll attend an evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral tonight. one of the lasting images from his day in washington yesterday, francis making his way down the aisle of the largest catholic church in the u.s. american bishops and thousands studying to become priests and nuns, welcoming him, many recording the event on their phones. >> the event took place after francis received a ceremonial welcome at the white house. the president and thousands of others were there along with abc's terry moran. >> reporter: on a glorious sun dappled morning at the white house, thousands gathered across the broad lawn. the president's cabinet, the honor guard marching in, the troops bearing the colors. it was the grandest of american pageantry.
3:33 am
then the trumpets blared and the motorcade arrived, the pope's little fiat bringing all an grandeur a bit back down to earth. every arm aloft taking pictures. the two men stood together for the national anthem's, a striking 21st century image, this first pope from the americas and first african-american president who praised francis as a force for change in the world and an ally especially on the environment. >> holy father, you remind us we have a sacred obligation to protect our planet. god's magnificent gift to us. >> reporter: and then francis spoke. >> good morning. >> reporter: in english, carefully, but with utter calm clarity. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country which was
3:34 am
largely built by such families. >> reporter: defying critics on the right, he called for action on climate change. >> that climate change is a problem we cannot no longer be left to our future generation. >> this man's humility in power somehow enhances his impact on people. >> we love you pope francis! >> reporter: they walked to the oval office for their private meeting. >> i notice all of you are much better behaved than usual. >> reporter: and then the pope was off into the popemobile and onto the streets of washington. >> it was so fun being in washington, d.c. for all of that. there was one little girl who stood out from the crowd, catching the eye of the pope and the entire world. >> we're talking about 5-year-old sophie cruz bravely made it past a barricade during the parade in washington,
3:35 am
security tried to lead her away but pope francis called her over. he blessed her and sophie gave the pope a t-shirt and a letter. >> sophie is from california and she's the daughter of undocumented workers from mexico. in her letter which she later read out loud, she said she was sad about hate and discrimination towards immigrants and she asked the pope to speak with the president and congress about approving immigration reform. sophie has now been invited to listen to the pope's address to congress today. >> what a beautiful picture. >> what an awesome sentiment there. >> uh-huh. an adorable snapshot from the pope's behind the scenes visit to the white house. >> take a look at this photo. pope francis has now officially met the entire obama family greeted by first dogs bo ansony in the blue room, the historic meeting was captured on camera by the official white house photographer and tweeted for everyone to see. >> dogs need blessings, too.
3:36 am
>> they received it. now we know why the pope was a little late getting out there. >> good reason, kendis. the pope is facing another busy morning in the nation's capital before heading to new york this afternoon. >> abc's karen travers joins us now live from washington. one of the final images from the pope's first full day was creating a saint on american soil. the church defending that decision despite some controversy surrounding it. >> reporter: that's right. it was the first time that somebody has ever been made a catholic saint right here in the united states. that person is junipero serra who was an 18th century franciscan monk who founded the california missions. now, there was controversy surrounding this pick, of course, because there is sarah's ties to the dark history of colonization and forced conversion of native americans. there were reports that there would be protests here today. we didn't see the anything like that. in fact, yesterday, pope francis used serra as an example in his
3:37 am
homily to talk about leading a life of action, not letting the force of habit hold you back and not letting apathy help stop you from making decisions. he said that serra's life goal was to move forward and everybody should look at that example and use that to make their own decisions. >> and karen, we also know there's a big speech to congress. what can we expect from that today? >> reporter: this is a very big speech and another historic first. the first time the pope has addressed members of congress like this. and we don't think that pope francis is going to shy away some of his controversial positions, his progressive agenda, especially on issues like immigration reform, income inequality and as we heard him at the white house yesterday, climate change. these are areas where democrats have certainly latched on to pope francis' views and agenda. president obama applauding him yesterday. but some republicans say it's too political. in fact, one member of congress
3:38 am
isn't going to go. he's boycotting the speech. house speaker john bane area yesterday urging lawmakers to not do that, to look at pope francis' message and open their hearts and also reflect and learn from his example. >> they're supposed to be playing nice right about now. that said, what's the feeling in all of d.c. right now? how have americans in d.c. been greeting him? >> it's been electric. everywhere pope francis went yesterday, large crowds greeted him. you both have lived in washington. you know people down here can sometimes get jaded about road closures and motorcades. not anything like that yesterday. everybody was out taking their selfies, trying to get a glimpse of pope francis and i think they'll see the same exact thing today up on capitol hill. >> we're looking forward to it. >> the first day was pretty incredible, karen. thank you so much. karen travers live in washington. >> it was pretty exciting indeed. with pope francis just hours away from landing here in new york city, nypd isn't taking any chances with his safety.
3:39 am
>> even though he made it clear he didn't want fences they're going up anyway. eight feel tall now surrounding venues where the pope is set to appear. that includes a large section of central park and st. patrick's cathedral. 25,000 feet of this. they built it especially for this event and will ship it to philadelphia for the weekend events. >> busy weekend ahead. later today, live coverage of the pope's speech to congress and journey to new york city. look for abc news coverage on air and online. and breaking overnight, a terrifying explosion in a maryland neighborhood leaving one block looking like a war zone. fire ripped through four townhouses in the town of columbia. briefly trapping people. the force of the blast completely collapsed one home and blew windows 50 feet across the parking lot. two people were injured including an inspector who was looking into a complaint about a natural gas odor. >> on the west coast, it could take weeks before officials in california can tally the
3:40 am
financial damage from the most destructive wildfires in years. but they do know the death toll. a total of seven lives claimed so far. the latest casualty the body of a lake county man whose home was destroyed in the valley fire. and found in the rubble. the hack attack on the government personnel office was worse than thought. the fingerprints of 5.6 million people who applied for or received a federal security clearance were stolen. not 1 million as first believed. it's believed the chinese were behind the attack. the white house has said it's going to discuss cybersecurity with the chinese president when he visits the white house. so now a little bit of fun from the sidelines of yesterday's big papal mass in washington, d.c. a picture that's going viral. it can be summed up in two words. >> those two words, nuns tailgating >> yes. >> there they are sitting on folding chairs right next to their minivan. they were seated in the shade at washington's catholic university waiting to attend francis' mass. >> the nuns are from georgetown visitation monastery.
3:41 am
>> is that soy milk on the chair >> i would hope so. >> or almond milk or is that just rice? i can't tell. >> i think it's just milk. they seem to be having a good time. i did my own little tailgating about 24 hours ago to see the pope. that's my close-up view of francis there at the white house. >> that looks pretty close. >> there were some 11,000 invited guests. i was happy to get one of the invites. that is truly a meeting with the pope and president. >> front row. >> i am a big deal. >> jack said you were in the front row. >> me and terry moran. i brought you back some gifts. >> oh. you know, you're just like my mother. you left the plastic on so we can save it for years to come and your grandchildren. >> looks like your grandmother's couch. >> oh, my god, this is gorgeous. >> that's one of the many dolls that are really, really popular right now down there in d.c. >> looks just like him.
3:42 am
>> if the pope and chucky from the movies had a kid, this would be the kid. >> that's hilarious. >> and also if you prefer. >> bobblehead. >> pope bobblehead. >> that is classic. you know what we might have to do, kendis? phillip mena was here. his grandmothers are like walk to catholic church every day. we might have to ship them to the abolitos. >> they made about 50,000 of these. they're making a killing off these. >> we might be able to order them off amazon. >> this was in the presence of the pope. >> well done. coming up, the sound track to our lives. >> the science behind the world's most iconic song, but do you know the tune? that is in "the skinny." >> and donald trump's latest political punch line. who he has in his crosshairs. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. care. ♪
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after announcing her opposition to the keystone pipeline plan, hillary clinton is outlining her broader energy policy. clinton is proposing a major upgrade to the u.s. infrastructure which she says will create thousands of construction jobs. among those upgrades, making oil transport by railroad safer. and the latest polls indicate joe biden gaining support even though he has not decided whether to run for president. the bloomberg poll finds clinton with 33% support. biden with 25. and bernie sanders at 24%. we should mention that was taken before the pope met with him. >> yes. >> just in case people think there's divine intervention in that one. donald trump says hillary
3:47 am
clinton is the one who started the whole birther controversy involving president obama. instead of answering whether he believes mr. obama was born in the u.s., trump is going after clinton saying she is the original birther. >> and hillary who's become very shrill, you know the word shrill, she's become shrill. she was saying, what i said about obama, and yet in 2008, she was the original birther. she's the one that started that whole thing. hillary is a birther. by the way, don't switch your votes to hillary, please. >> oh, trump's latest rant seems to be based on a 2008 "60 minutes" interview in which clinton was asked whether she believed mr. obama was a muslim. and she responded by saying no, there is nothing to base that on as far as i know. the last part as far as i know is the likely source of trump's accusation." >> see where he's going there.
3:48 am
"the skinny" is next. who just signed a new multimillion dollar book deal? stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc st i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids
3:49 am
from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. ♪ skinny, so skinny welcome back. it's "skinny" time. first up, comedienne amy schumer on top of the world, she just
3:50 am
won an emmy for the tv show "inside amy schumer," and her movie "trainwreck" is a hit. >> now she signed a book deal for $8 million to $10 million. the memoir working title "the girl with the lower back tattoo." >> that's funny. >> isn't there another term for those toots? it comes out late next year. also in the wings, a movie with her new best friend jennifer lawrence. >> they wrote the screen play together and will star in it as sisters. one sign of their friendship, this photo schumer after winning her emmy under a giant balloon bouquet. the caption "never tell jennifer l. your room number." >> that's awesome. >> good gift there. so what is the best rock song? >> the best rock song. >> best ever rock song. unfortunately it's not one of the one direction songs. a british academic came up with software that analyzed the all-time best list and decided this is the most iconic song ever.
3:51 am
♪ ♪ entertain us >> yeah, that's nirvana, "smells like teen spirit." fiat commissioned the study hoping it would help them sell their 500 model car. can grunge really do that? you'll have to wait and see. i'm wondering, the grunge music or the pope with the black fiat. >> i'm pretty sure the pope is helping fiat sales. earlier this week we heard ryan ren nods was trying to sell pictures, a friend of his was trying to sell pictures of his new baby. now a new struggle. >> this new video from "gq" magazine shows reynolds trying to assemble an ikea crib for his daughter james. it starts out okay. ikea instructions don't use words, just pictures. >> they're difficult. beer doesn't help either. >> reynolds complains it has 10,000 pieces and is driving him to drink. finally he duct tapes the whole
3:52 am
thing together. >> this is a little gq movie. when was the last time you checked? so righteous. rad. i want it. it is rad, but we're gonna have to like check your credit score, so... oh my god, it's like totally yours. you know credit scores change, right? aren't you curious to see what it is right now? ah! still rad. credit karma, get your free score now
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♪ >> now the author of the blockbuster self help book "eat, pray, love" has written a new one asserting following your curiosity is the key to a creative life. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's dan harris. >> reporter: she burst onto the scene a decade ago with her spiritual memoir "eat, pray, love," which sold more than 10 million copies and became a hit movie. now elizabeth gilbert is back with "big magic," a self help book designed to get all of us to harness our own creativity. >> what does the term big magic mean? >> that feeling of interacting
3:56 am
with inspiration when it's working. that's the big magic. >> reporter: she argues creativity isn't just for the elite which is why she started a podcast called magic lessons. >> i decided to try to coach people out of their fear and into their work. >> she put out a call on her facebook page asking people if they wanted her help getting unstuck in their creative lives and she got more than 2,000 responses including one from erin rawlings. >> i'll give you a super push. >> a stay-at-home mom in michigan who has been blogging for six years. erin now wants to write a book but is struggling. >> i was afraid that anytime that i took away from my kids to write was selfish. >> when gilbert put out the call, erin leapt. >> i'm ready to take my story telling to the next level and start the book. >> erin was chosen for the podcast. >> hi, it's liz gilbert. >> how did you walk her through it. >> essentially what i was saying is if you want to have children who are creative, they have to
3:57 am
see you modeling that for them. >> "nightline" flew her to new york city for a follow-up. >> you had been on the runway. did you take off that runway a little bit. >> i did. i went to the library and sat there and just wrote. as of today, i have 10,000 words written. >> that's incredible. >> reporter: gilbert knows intimately what it's like to struggle creatively. >> you could spend the rest of your life trying to top something that could not be topped or what if you let the outcome be what it's going to be. >> reporter: now she's sharing her hard won wisdom with the world. >> will you share with me what you've written when it's done? >> yes, i have goose bumps. an. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> i love this. >> she said she thinks discipline is overrated in the creative field and self-forgiveness is underrated. i like that. >> why did it take her so long to get this book out though? >> this one? i don't know. >> maybe she wasn't that motivated? so negative. >> no. she's very motivated. >> that's great advice. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. we'll be back.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, making history. pope francis arriving with the message. >> god bless america. >> his first visit to the u.s. kicking off with a visit to the white house. the encounter with a 5-year-old. the letter she gave to francis and today's schedule. we're live with the details. new feud. donald trump lashing out, this time aiming at fox news again, in full attack mode in a half-filled ballroom. >> breaking overnight, a pile of smoldering rubble where homes once stood. people surveying the damage this morning after a massive explosion. caught on camera. emergency landing giving new meaning to flying through the intersection.


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